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Game Theory

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Extended Intro

Game Theory is described as a mathmatical theory that deals with stratagies that involve claculating maximum gain and minimum loss with in limited constraints. This mathmatical theory is often used in games that can be played versus the computer. A major part of Game theory is artificial intellegence (AI). AI is ability of a computer to proform activities that are normally thought to require intellegene. An example of how Game Theory is used when you play against the computer is online chess. This is an excellent example of how game theory works because in the beginning of the game there is an option of what difficulty you can play against the computer. These difficulties consist of easy, medium, and hard. The way that the computer differs from each of the difficulites is that each one has a different mathmatical formula that minimizes the calculated risk or maximizes it. How this would be put into context in the chess game is that on the easy difficulty the computer would only plan for two moves a head, where on easy it would plan for four, and on hard it would plan for six. AI affects this becasue it is the driving force behind the computer making the logical move during the game. All in all you should read more about this topic because it is often used in your every day gameplaying.

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